On cooking mod ark dev kit adding 2 folders not in project folders

I am having trouble tracking down why the dev kit is adding 2 folders to my cooked mod, they are…

PrimalEarth = 30.2 Kb in size
Scorched Earth = 25.1 Mb in size

Inside the PrimalEarth folder are other folders namely Sound and CoreBlueprints.

Inside the ScorchedEarth folder are 2 folders namely Icons and WeaponNetGun.
Inside the WeaponNetGun folder are 15 filesw relating to the NetGun, along with it’s textures in another folder.

This is confusing as I do not have any references to this in my mod at all, but I cannot cook the mod without these folders being added, can anyone shed any light on this for me please.

its a known bug, has to do with the “PackageInfo.bin” file. You can just delete those folders from the cooked assets prior to uploading and it shouldnt cause any issues

Thanks for that, I will try deleting them tomorrow.


That seemed to work just fine, reduced filesize by a massive 49Mb, thanks for your advice mate.