On Component Sleep not firing


so, I have a blueprint with a static mesh component (as root).
The physics of it properly sleep after a short while.

I checked that by calling “Is Any Rigid Body Awake” on tick inside the blueprint, with the mesh as target, yet the event “On Component Sleep” doesn’t fire.
Doesn’t matter if I spawn it from another blueprint, or if I just set it into the level, never fires.

Am I overlooking a requirement for the event to fire?


I’m not sure if you have figured this out already as it’s been awhile but I’ve been stuck myself on this problem, but I found a solution.
In the details panel in your static mesh component under physics, there’s an option called ‘Generate Wake Events’. I simply ticked this box and got it working for me. It took me forever to find such a simple tick box to get it working!

I hope this helps!


Thanks Man!! save lot of time