On Component Hit with multiple Actors

I have a VR project where an AI takes damage from a projectile. This works fine. But I would like the AI to take damage from different projectiles. Is this possible? I have attached a screen shot the blueprint. I would like to cast to BP_FuturisticProjectile and the BP_45ACP_Projectile.

So I can have multiple wires off ‘Other Actor’, which will be for the other projectiles?

Simply drag of Other Actor and cast to yours instead. The rest of the blueprint should be the same. What that is currently doing is casting, but only to detect whether the other actor is BP_Ammo_Projectile, not to do anything with it.

It’s possible but not with casting (if you have only three different projectiles classes, you could cascade casts from Failed but with 30 projectiles classes it’s just not feasible.

  • You need to work with a base projectile class that the children projectiles inherit from. This way you can have logic in the base and the children can modify it as they see fit; yet you can call it on the base class.


That makes sense as I am currently calling it on the base class. So perhaps I just need the proper hit logic on the futuristic projectile like I have for the 45ACP projectile. I’ll give that a try.


Yup, you can. If you are using multiple casts for different projectiles, make sure to connect the “Cast Failed” exec to the next cast. (The cast will only fail if the object that you attempt to cast to is not the one that is overlapping.)