On component hit (Mesh) not working?

So I’m trying to set up collisions with physics objects… I have the on component hit (capsule comp) working exactly how I want it to when colliding with physics objects. If I copy the settings exactly the same to the character mesh - i.e. simulate hit events, collision set to pawn etc - and then use on component hit (mesh) it doesn’t do the same thing, in fact it does nothing at all… why is this not the same for both on component hits? how can I get it working? why would they not function in the same way even when the settings are the same?


SOLVED - I had to go into the skeletal mesh physics asset and check simulate generate hit events on all the capsules within here and then choose block all dynamic within the blueprint. Don’t get it but its working


Make sure Collision Preset is not set to something like OverlapX. Those generate overlap events and not hit events. See Collision for more info.

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Ahhhh hahaha, I should have known, I’ve been playing with this myself wondering if it was broken. Hahaha, whoops.

Thanks! This helped me. :slight_smile:

" …and then choose block all dynamic within the blueprint." this words I not understand. Were choose block all dynamic?..
In blueprint I can not find function block All dinamics

In your blueprint, open your static mesh and inside the details panel, you scroll to the bottom and see “Collision” category. Go to this category and you’ll see “Collision Preset”. You just have to choose BlockAllDynamics !

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