On component begin overlap works only once?

I would like to do this: a ball collides with a trigger, and when the variable “can trigger” is ON, the collision can be registered. I tried making something like this:

But when I run the script: ball is in the trigger, and i turn the “can trigger” ON, but the collision does not work. I really don’t know how to do this. Does Add On Actor Begin Overlap works only once?

So when ‘end’ is true, it destroys the ball?

Ah!.. you have more than one ball?

So it destroys the first, but nothing after that?

Are you changing the ‘end’ variable anywhere else?

Yes. Do you know how to solve this?

i mean when the ball flies into trigger and i turn the “End” ON in simulation mode it does not register!

Does it work in play? I’m not sure ( without checking ) if collision works in simulation…

Do you have code changing the value of ‘End’ anywhere else?

Do you have any other code in the trigger?

it is the same in play. Can You help please?