On Component Begin overlap (Pickup) Casting

I am trying to set up an “On Component Begin overlap (Pickup)” event I am able to directly cast this to my character and execute a function, however I wish to cast to a “Game Instance” instead however I am having issues with it. The Event’s connections won’t funciton when tied directly to the game instance, even with the game instance being connected to a “get game instance”. I have even tried casting to my character first, and then to the game instance but the game instance does not call the function. It is as if it can only communicate to the character. Any help please? I have attached my method below.

As I side note I do not know if I have to set up or enable my Game Instance in many way, I have set it up in Maps and Modes as this new Instance.

I some how solved this, the New Game Instance wasn’t being loaded correctly, I believe it was to do with the Game & Modes options, by selecting the correct new game instance it worked, however the main character would not load properly, the alterations I did do was choose a specific start level with in the games & modes editor options, which could have been irrelevant.