On Component Begin Overlap not triggering on Start?

I have two overlapping actors on start and can’t seem to use On Component Begin Overlap as it won’t trigger at start. I have a grid actor which interacts with a wall and I’m trying to destroy each grid actor that is under the placed wall actor. I did make a blueprint for the wall using Get Overlapping Actors to trigger it instead but it’s not very efficient as I have to apply that code to every wall actor I want to make. Instead, I’d like to put the code on the grid so that no matter what I choose to place on the grid it always works.

This is the Wall blueprint

And this is the Grid blueprint that won’t trigger because the collisions are already touching on play.

Is there anyway to detect that trigger within the Grid Blueprint so I don’t have to add the other wall blueprint code to each piece of wall I decide to make?

You can see here the Wall (BlockingActor) blueprint is destroying the grid under it on start. But I’d like that code to be on the Grid actor not the Wall

Solved it like this on the Grid Blueprint. You Get All Actors Of Class for the Walls I want to place and create an array of all of the instances of that wall. Then, using the For Each Loop it runs through checking if the Wall is touching a Grid actor and destroys each of them with the second For Each Loop.

I solved it even further by adding a .01s delay to the creation of my grid on runtime. This, however, was deleting every grid plane and not just the ones under the walls because the plane I’m using for my grid squares had collision on which was triggering the On Component Begin Overlap and deleting all grids.

So adding a delay to the spawning of my grid and also turning off Collision to my grid planes solved my issue.
Now I can just use the On Component Begin Overlap like I originally wanted.