On component begin overlap - cant find documentation?

Hi Everyone
I cannot find any documentation regarding this node?
What i am trying to do is to have a sphere collision (called EnemyInRadius) that is fairly big to check if enemy actor is in area, and if there is, set a variable to true, and then fire off a custom event. I tried using get all actor with tags and such and at one point this was always triggering even if my enemy was not in the radius. I don’t fully get what i need to feed from the on component begin overlap(id assume something as other actor, to which i tried all actors from class enemy, but then outputs an array which im also unsure on what to do with). I am also not sure if i need to set this up on my pawn character blueprint and on the enemies as well or not.

if you could help with an image or explanation on how to set this up using this node would be great.

ps: forgot to mention i dont want to use that sphere for the actual player collision. That’s a capsule(which is why i cant use the EventBeginOverlap). My EnemyIsInRadius Collision is set to “OverlapAll”

Here is a tutorial: