On click event not firing for Character blueprints

I have a character blueprint that I need to be able to click on to “select” on a map. However thus far nothing I’ve tried has worked. The ‘Event Actor on Clicked’ doesn’t trigger even though it does for a vanilla pawn blueprint, using the various variants of ‘Get Hit Result Under Cursor’ also don’t work, again though they work for regular pawns. It literally feels as if there is a built in mask where hit detection will ignore any subclass of character. Anyone know how exactly we’re supposed to detect mouse clicks on characters? Or even mouse hovering for that matter, cause that’s not working either. This is in version 4.7.6. And yes, Enable Click Events and Enable Mouse Over Events are selected, and yes, the correct playercontroller is being used.

Check if Character Capsule Collision is blocking Visibility

Blocking, in what context?

@zwabbit, did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem. Click events work for custom blueprint objects I create, but not for the Character Blueprint.

I finally got the solution, under the Capsule component of the character, the collision presets need to be set as overLapOnlyPawn but no Pawn, or else the click event doesn’t work.