Omnidirectional wall running using trigger setup help?

I’ve looked up tons of tutorials on this and obviously wall running to the side of the wall can be achieved, but is it possible to start from the ground and using a trigger start rotating the player and camera to run up a wall? I already viewed Sam Jone’s wall running tutorial, but I want my camera view to rotate with the player and the capsule component is overlapping my box collision for the wall which is fine, but it appears to be overlapping to the center of the wall so half my character is in the wall when wall running. I want to be able to move up the wall (up and down) and on the side of the wall (left and right) while sprinting like The Flash. Any help would be appreciated!

If it’s possible i would like to make any building a planar surface so I wouldn’t have to specify script for every building just extend it to the Z floor but instead being Y-axis if that makes sense

So you want to make a wall running mechanic, but only from side-to-side, or from bottom-to-top?

if possible i need it to go in all directions except backwards because camera is locked to player direction so not possible.

Well everything’s possible, but that will probably not be very simple :stuck_out_tongue:
So you want your character to run up a wall and then go in every direction, kinda in the spiderman games?

yeah that’s the idea. If i could make the game think the wall is like the floor after running into the trigger volume then i should be able to just use the same forward vector to control direction. Already i can move my character across the wall but he doesn’t rotate on the wall right now because the camera isn’t facing that direction I believe that is my problem.

I’ll try ty play with that for a bit later in the day and get back to you :wink:

Hey thank you so much! I really am so lost and need to start on other things in development but want to get all of the mechanics set up first so thanks I really appreciate it. Best of luck in finding a solution :slight_smile:

I’m afraid right now i don’t have the time to help you with this one, rather busy :confused: but i did find this issue that might just help you with what you need!