Omnidirectional Mouse Controlled Dash

Hey everyone, I’m a bit stuck trying to make a dash system similar to that of Spellbreak. Once you press Shift it will Dash you in any direction (omnidirectional) you are pressing on the keyboard (WASD), however, you can use the mouse to control where you go. Any tips would be amazing!

I can create a basic dash with Launch, but where I really am struggling is the mouse wiggle part, where you can change the direction mid dash. Do you have any advice on how to go about making this ability?

If I understood correctly:

You want to dash in the direction of the key you pressed indipendently from the direction you are looking at, correct?

Can you post a screenshot of your dash function?

Hello. So what my intention is to have control of the character’s movement mid dash using the mouse/camera. I currently have a simple dash, which Launches the character forwards. The ability which I am trying to create allows you to turn (using the mouse) after you have inputted the dash key.