Omni - Indie MMO


OMNI is a massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL). The world has ended! Everything we hold dear has come to an end, or did it? The meteor that struck our planet eradicating nearly all life on earth and bringing forth the Swarm, left only just a small camp of survivors. Despite their despair they refused to lose hope and started looking for more people that can join the last remnants of man in their final fight for survival. Are you ready to jump into the adventure by slashing hordes of monsters on your journey? Are you good enough to take all the loot? Do you have the skills to keep up and fight all the elite and boss monsters on the way to taking back our land? Good! Then gather your friends and become one of the survivors that will reclaim what was rightfully ours.;base64

Today there are more than 2000 games that are published monthly. In such a competitive world it’s hard to create something new and surprise the gaming community. So what is so special about OMNI? What are the main differences from other MMO games? It’s a completely new genre that provides a very unique gameplay experience.;base64

OMNI is the first massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL). The OMNI production team contains only 3 people. Sounds ambitious, right? Omni escapes from the traditional MMOs combat system where players need to target enemies and fight them one by one. Insted we put players against hordes of enemies where not only being accurate is important but also having fast reflexes is crucial too.;base64

The way that players combine their weapons and equipment changes their play style. You can be a fast moving character focused on ranged weapons and traps or a slow tank like that smashes everything in it’s way with a huge hammer. Your equipment matters! In Omni your items not only impact your stats but they also have weight and a characters mobility is impact by the gear you equip. There is a variety of different equipment combinations that compliment one another and add a special bonus stat. But what about skills and experience? Our skill system is divided into different types of equipment, each category has an experience bar of its own.;base64

When players are using certain types of gear they increase the skill level for that type of equipment and by doing so unlock new abilities. Players can combine a few different types of gear together and create a unique play style that suits them best. To make our world feel more alive we have world PVE events. Players can take control of swarm infested cities by killing all the swarm in the territory of the city. When this happens everyone on the server benefits from it by being able to get more quests, access to dungeons and more. When a city is under players control the swarm tries to invade it during random events and re-gain control of it once more. If players lose a city to the swarm all vendors, quest givers and special dungeons become unavailable.

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This game looks interesting, where can I see trailer?

We are working on the trailer at the moment and also we are hoping to have more clarity on our publishing by then so that we can share all that information with everyone. For now we have few videos showing some small parts of the game.