OMG I love Zack Parrish, EPIC please hire him for all your tutorials

OMG this guy is funny and awesome I love this guy. He made me love to build games how awesome is that?

omg they should totally do that!

think Zak would like being hired twice? I’m sure he would!

Notice the tags in his profile! you’re a bit late! hehe :wink:

You can always double his salary :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh I see what you did there LOL

I’m sure he’d like that!

@Spetsnaz_ - thought I’d let ya know before ya got carried away

  • although I did consider:
  • just NOT telling you
  • suggesting you start a Poll to try to get him hired. lol
  • or suggesting you contact him personally & offer to be his manager
  • or just wait & see how far the Epic Community would drag this out.
    (they are a bunch of nuts sometimes, but what’s life without a bit of fun, eh!) :wink:

OMG look how sexy his handwriting is, epic should double his salary based on this alone.

I think Spetznaz_ is just a troll, just look at his threads, they are troll traps…

Sounds more like you need to learn basic English.

Also I am reporting you for slander since you have no evidence except your twisted “interpretation” of “Troll”

I want evidence of your claims and I don’t give 2 hoots about your personal beliefs or personal definitions. You want to get triggered there are SJW sites designed for just that, don’t come here and troll and derail a thread with your diatribe.

You think that because you bully others in school that you can come here and bully me, but I am standing up to you.


Ignore john and his bogus claims. I suppose he’s assuming you are a troll because of how enamored you are by Zack. Perhaps he can’t understand as he never had someone he was inspired(if this is the correct term?) by as you are with Zack? I don’t know. Either way I agree and told my significant other many times I wish he(Zack) did more videos. I enjoyed every single one of his tutorials and wish he did more as well.

Now now Spetsnaz_, no need to start world war 3 :slight_smile:

As far as smart alec comments in the web go, johns was pretty tame.

A perfectly acceptable alternative response could have been something like “I know, I know, apologies for sounding so excited, it’s just that I’m new to all this and it’s all so freaking cool!”

Well, I don’t think there’s anyone that hates Zak, unless they are just jelly of him. But yeah, he’s Super Pro OP Level.

ooh thanks guys and sorry about that, yeah I am not sure but something about that John fellow, falsely accusing me really got my pressure up. :slight_smile:

Its amazing that I was using Unity then I switched over to UE4 because of Zack, he is awesome and his tutorials are so great its thanks to him I am using UE4 now :slight_smile:

That and the only guy I know that can get away with pink hair… (or is it salmon?)

This is his rock star pic


This is his gangster pic


Zak losing a bet

The Interwebs always remember.


I’m sure [MENTION=2204]Zak Parrish[/MENTION] will appreciate you digging up this video. @FrankieV

** so Zak was so traumatized by this his Hair being cut off that it turned Pink? …or as I think Zak prefers, ‘Magenta’ **

Hey All!

Thanks for the kind words, but really none of what I do would be possible without you, without the the amazing Unreal Engine, and more than anything the hundreds of talented folks at Epic Games who keep driving the technology of gaming and visualization.

I’m glad that anything I do helps you learn and gets you motivated on your projects, but the REAL magic lies with Unreal, not me. :smiley:

OMG… he is real !!

& all this time I thought he was an AI Bot…