[OMG][Debut] . The Kotman

My name is . I am an independent developer. I am proudly present my first game to you! The game with zero budget! :slight_smile:

This is story about a flying domestic cat. He is dull and insignificant cat in his daily life. He have a big stomach, two fluffy cheeks and one boring job. And none guess at night he dress his white overall, his red swimming trunks and patrolling his city.
If any insolent dog try to bark on a respected cat, if kittens in trouble, if a pussycat needs a help…
He turns into a super cat and flies to help! Because he is the Kotman, a half cat and half super cat.
The Kotman - a protector of the city!

A game graphic looks funny… You may think our 2d artist was a six year old boy from a near child garden, but I swear all arts were drew by me. :smiley: The game is bright and colorful. The music also was made by me.

The game was developed according the Bushnell’s Law. The main conception related to Flappy Bird series. Nevertheless, gameplay is different. The first distinction is a player can choose a fly amplitude, the second one is obstackles move faster, and the third point is distance between obstacles depends on chosen difficult level. All other is classic.

There is four difficult level easy, normal, hard, and brutal for brutal gamers. Player opens new difficult level after 25 obstacles was passed. The easy level is a first opened level. It is easy level for learning, practicing, relaxing. Most probably it is suitable for children, old seniors, and new players.
Middle level is much harder than easy one and it is suitable for most casual players. Hard difficult level is suitable for gamers who could pass normal difficult level and searching a challenge. The brutal level is approached for hardcore gamers and is real challenge for human motility. Most probably 90% gamers never finished this difficult level.

News on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheKotman
The game can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com..ALS_TheKotman
Youtube channel: Alexios - YouTube