Omen of Sorrow - Gameplay Video 3 min, 4k 60fps

Hello Guys I’m glad to show you a new 3 min video gameplay of our fighting game called Omen of Sorrow :). 60 fps and 4K.
Under development. First alpha

I saw this in FB post early, just want to say: Hey, your guy done a great job on the fighting mechanic, i love it

Holy moly, this is soo well done. The animations, character meshes, ui, Egyptian background elements, the hieroglyphics wall lighting up, soundfx, particlefx, all of it done well. Bravo! Would love to see more characters and hopefully some more background levels.

Wow! Impressive! I love the stage transitions and the character models. Keep up the good work!

I saw this on youtube yesterday! looks cool! and it really was an omen of sorrow, cause my dog got hit by a car and died last night :(, good job on the game though…