Omega Sky is my first game and it all started for my first game jam last month #ue4jam 

I was watching the entries and everyone seems to be doing First and Third person shooters these days, so I thought why not do a top down space sim like SWIV or Sky Force. After the entries closed I started thinking “Does it just have to be a top down?”

So now, a month later, I have 5 working levels that change seamlessly from top down, to rail shooter, and even to a horizontal side scroller.

This video was from 10 days ago, but it was the one everyone seems to like.

All of the gameplay mechanics are mostly finished. I am still working on the backend save game and rewards and upgrades, but hopefully I can get knee deep in art by the end of the summer and have it polished and ready to go for PC and Android release next spring :slight_smile:

Looking good so far!