Omega Mouse looking for Level Designers

Hi I’m David Breen and I live in Northern California. I’ve been working on Omega Mouse since late January this year and I’m finally at the point where I’d like to start seeking help in the level design department. I have all the characters already modeled, purchased all the motion capture equipment (face, body & fingers) and I’ve been using Unreal Engine 4 and learning the Blueprint system since it’s release.

I’m looking for highly motivated and talented level designers who can do a lot of the creative/busy work and help bring fresh ideas to the table. All assets will be provided to the level designers and we will have weekly meetings to discuss new ideas for level design mechanics - such as new obstacles/enemies the player will encounter. Omega Mouse will have a large number of levels, each with it’s own unique approach and objective. I look forward to working with a few more Unreal gurus!

I’m looking for contractual team members, not employees. If you are interested in being a level designer for Omega Mouse, please get in touch with me and we can iron out the details of compensation. Don’t expect to make a quick buck - I want dedicated people who believe in Omega Mouse and are willing to stick around and see it through. During development, any funds acquired through Kick starter, GoFundMe or Patreon will be evenly distributed among all team members.

Here is a recent video demo of Omega Mouse game play:…