OldTown - Archviz scene

Hi there,

I’d like to share with the community my last study scene in UE4.
I used a few Quixel Megascans assets, Urban Modular buildings, street props and the cool pumpkins.

Full animation here

Few images here:

Let me know what you think about it.
Thank you,
Fabio - Oaken Studio


Greetings @FabioGC; your “OldTown - Archviz” environmental scene is incredible, and even saying that is an understatement! Looking at your attached screenshots, I thought I was looking at actual photos of authentic buildings. It wasn’t until I watched your linked full animation that I realized otherwise.

Kudos again on the fantastic job done with this creation, and thank you for sharing your work here in the Unreal Engine Forums! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more great works from you in the future. :grin:


Hey @Zezkaii thank you very much, it means a lot. I don’t really expect only cool comments like this for my work, but it put a huge smile on my face.
Thank you once again.

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The pleasure is all mine; keep up the great work!

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Hi there @FabioGC,

Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve never wanted to just step into a picture as much as I do at this moment. I’ve always been very interested in city living and these pictures demonstrate the exact image in my head of what that looks like. Absolutely stunning.
The meticulously crafted details are simply beautiful and so thoroughly impressive. Everything from the hanging signs to the planter boxes in the windows just makes the scene come alive.
And the pumpkins are so genuinely adorable. :joy:

I can’t wait to see more of your work! :heartpulse:

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Hi @PresumptivePanda, thanks a bunch!
It’s super cool to receive such feedback, noting and pointing out the little details I’ve put there. Ahah, those pumpkins were a must in the scene, since I started working on it back in October 2021 and the season for squash/pumpkin was just kicking in.

Thank you again, have a great one.


Sua cena é ótima Parabéns, e quanto a otimização? digo pode facilmente andar em forma de game? ou só render de filme.

Oi @lourentino, obrigado. Essa cena foi feita pensando em qualidade, então não me preocupei muito com a otimização, mas pode facilmente ser retrabahada para exportar um executável, não tem nada de muito misterioso na cena não.

Hello there! Amazing scene. But I have one question. Isn´t the tree duplicated and slightly off to the side? I see double branches on the top of the tree! (in the video) Just a quick observation.

Great work! Cheers

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Hi @alessandro.dilo, thank you. Yes, indeed it is doubled. The tree was too thin for my taste, so I made a copy of it and moved it a little to the side. Maybe not the best approach for the close shot, but it works fine for the far ones.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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OMG i would totally want screenshots of these to be on my desktop. Great job man!!


HI @lucidrealm.games thanks a bunch!

NIice work, thanks

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