Oldskooler - Yesterday's limitations, today!

Now available on the Unreal Marketplace!

Oldskooler is an expanding collection of retro gaming inspired visual effects.

Older game engines had limitations, and those limitations helped define aesthetics; Oldskooler helps you recapture a bit of that.

Current effects include:

  • Voxelization
  • Vertex Quantization
  • Pixelization
  • Stipple Transparency
  • Flicker Transparency
  • Vertex Lighting

Everything is meant to be drag and dropped into your existing materials, or used as a post process blendable. There’s minimal setup or technical knowledge required for immediate results.

Try the demo or buy it here!](

Just released Beta 2!


  • Added Grid Bias input
  • Added Voxel Rotation Angle and Voxel Rotation Axis inputs

Vertex Quantization

  • Improved authenticity
  • Optimizations
  • Added Rotate Grid With Camera? input


  • Improved default values
  • Improved performance
  • Switched to more accurate quantization method like the voxelizer uses
  • Improvements to occlusion code
  • Added Intensity parameter
  • Normalized several improvements across basic, stencil, and custom depth version (still more to do here)

Stipple Transparency

  • Added Grid Tiling input
  • Added Grid Offset input

Flicker Transparency

  • Added Phase Offset input

Whoa! I am totally blown away with these awesome shaders and rendering assets! Thanks so much for show us all of this great stuff :smiley:

That’s very kind of you, thank you! I needed that morale boost too after not making a single sale, heh… I’ll be submitting to the Marketplace once the documentation is in order so hopefully that will help.

I can’t wrap my head around on how you managed to get that voxelisation look, but that is by far the most impressive effect I’ve seen in a while!

Nice work!

Thank you! I’d describe it but it’s surprisingly simple and I want people to actually buy the thing haha. It’s still a “messy” effect in that it’s not enforcing strict voxels and usually ends up with a slope or spike here and there, but Minecraft does that all the time too so I figured it’s not too far off.

How long did it take you to make this? Will definitely be buying once I start getting into UE4 development.

When this will be available in the UE marketplace? It will fit perfectly into my actual project.

Don’t remember I’m afraid since I was jumping back and forth between several projects rather than working on one full time.

Just how long it takes me to finish the demo room/documentation and a few more improvements (few weeks?) + the marketplace approval time. It’s available on immediately of course for less than you’d pay on the Marketplace and you still get free updates. I might give discounts on itch for my other effect packs like CRTify and PreDigital for people who already own one of them too.

Beta 3 is out! The demo has been updated too.

Really cool effects! That chair transformation blew my mind a little…!

Beta 4 is out! This is the one with all the documentation demo rooms.

Just finished the demo reel for the 1.0 release! Next stop: Marketplace.

Version 1.0 is out! Buy it and you’ll be helping an indie dev down on her luck make rent this month.

Just got word from Epic: Oldskooler will be available on the Unreal Marketplace October 5th!

Hey, I just stumbled across this, and I love the effects you were able to achieve! Something I’ve been curious about is the ability to fake/replicate the look of affine texture distortion used by the PS1 due to its lack of a z-buffer.


This video also shows off the effect/limitation well - the floorboards near the start make it especially apparent.

Funny you should bring this up, it’s already in the plans! I’m working on getting the other projects in my signature out of beta right now, but once I do I plan to add this and other new features as free updates.

Hey all, Oldskooler is now available on the Unreal Marketplace! After I get Illustrious and CRTify out the door I’ll be getting to adding free update features to it too.

Hey! Heads up that Oldskooler (and all my other current products) are in this fantastic, ridiculously cheap charity bundle with 100% of the proceeds going to the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union) and Planned Parenthood. It’s almost over so please have a look right away!

I absolutely love this asset collection! I just have a quick question and I apologize for being such a noob. What would be the best way to set light positions for the vertex lighting? Can we have multiple lightsources? I looked at the material on the sample object but the light position was hardcoded in there.