Oldscool RPG Style Level Build – Changing the Levels

Hey all,

I’ve startet to try some things in UE now I want to include a mechanik for Level Changing.

Camera should be Top Down / Isometric with 3d Assets

I want to do a Mechanik like old Games (Link to the Past, Harvest Moonm, Secret of Mana or something like this)


I Start in Level 1, there are some Houses and a path to Level 2.
If I go in the House, the House should be loadet. If i go throught the Path to Level 2, this should be Loadet.
The first trys I do was with a Box Trigger and the Open Level function. But I’ve read that the Level that would load so was Resetting. I’ve also the Problem that I don’t know how I can set the Player back to the Position where I leave the Level before

Actually I tryed to add a vector variable to GameInstance Blueprint. I set the actualy value from Player location before I open the new Level, but on the Level 2 I didn’t have access to this variable.

Maybe some of you can give me a Idea how to handle this Problem.
I want to include a Multiplayer function, so every Player should be able to move and change the “levels”.

I Hope someone can Help me.

Hope my english is good enought :slight_smile:

Here is a Visual simple example


the solution might include level-streaming and sub-levels.

Hey Pinotti, Thanks for answer, I will test a bit with level-streaming and sub-levels

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Another solution could be to pass the position where you want your character to be in the level you are going to load. For instance, if the player is in Level 2 and heads back to Level 1, you know that the portal that leads the player from Level 2 to Level 1 has to pass the position of the portal (that leads to Level 2) in Level 1. So, once you load a level, you can check the position passed and spawn the player in the right spot. Hope this is clear.
In order to pass this location, you could have a look to Game Instances, also here in the forum:

EDIT: Also, if you are familiar with C++, have a look here:,_Custom_Game_Instance_For_Inter-Level_Persistent_Data_Storage

Hey Guys, I tried some things with Level Streaming.

Sorry for Double Post, cant find the edit link.

So I’ve startet to test with level Streaming and think this works for me. Because I want to use such mechanics like old RPGs Secret of Mana / Secret of Evermore, Pokemon or such things the houses are only Object ins the World, if i go to the door and press action I enter the house. Actually I’ve build a Sub level there, the house is in another Streaming Level and I Unload the House and Load the Subevel, with a FadeInFadeOut effect this is really cool ;).

It would be cool if I can handle the Houses and later other Rooms or Dungeons in a Seperate Layer/Level.

Now I tried this simple function with Multiplayer, the other player can see the level loadet by player 1. Is it possible that only the player that open the door can see the level streamed?

Other Question for a Teleport Function.

If I place an Actor on a specific location, I cant port to him with getthelocation function. The player was ported, but this isnt the correct position and it falls through the world. If I enter the Location of the Actor manualy it will port correct. Has someone a tip for me :(?

Hope you guys understand what I mean :slight_smile:

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