Older versions of ue4?

Hi there,

I’ve developed a map using ue4.12.5 and have gone to great lengths to make sure it works as intended, however having tried it earlier with the latest 4.14 there are too many errors and problems stopping my map from working!
I need to demo this at a few different places soon and will need to install a fresh version on each university machine where I present my game.

As such can I still download 4.12.5 from epic, so I can demo my game without having to modify it for newer versions as I’m in deep trouble if I have to do this.

I’d really appreciate some help guys.

Kind regards,

You can, in the launcher when you click “Add Versions,” before clicking the Install button you can click the version number and select the one you want.

Thanks for your reply, but to clarify; What I’m trying to say is that am I still able to install 4.12.5 on other machines?

Yes, once you install the launcher every major engine version is available to you.

Ok that’s great thank you!