Older Graphic Cards Support ?


My question is simple.

I know that for the editor I need a decent graphic card. Not a problem. But my small products/games are sometimes for people with relatively old computers ( might be old notebooks or just old graphic cards ).

So my questions is, Can I bake a game from unreal with low graphic quality settings support older machines ?
Just want to people with no high end PCs can also play my games.
( for example without newest direct X support or something ).

Thanks in advance!


As far as i am aware this engine is built for Next-gen only. It’s support to older systems is pretty limited. Your best chance is UE3 for that.

UE3 ? Not an option :slight_smile:

So still wondering if we can optimize a little bit graphic to run on low-end computers.

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Why would UE3 not be an option? UE3 targets the older hardware you’re looking to support, UE4 targets modern hardware instead. At the present point in time, UE4 does not scale backwards well.

UE3 is still a very valid option for alot of games.

The engine is built upon Direct x11 for the most part, supporting older versions is not as simple as removing some fancy features, as has been said, UE4 is aimed at next-gen systems, so the only option at the present time is to upgrade :slight_smile:

Yes I got that.

But what we can deremine as modern ? If GPU can handle a dx10 it will be good enough to be able to run ‘modern’ stuff ? ( sort of low end gpu like geforce 210 for example )
And Im not thinking about performance because Im not planning trilions of polygons and effects :wink: But just trying to understand what kind of hardware customer must have at least to run a simple game made in UE4.

Thanks in advance!


edit: TheJamsh Thanks.

UE4 is strictly DX11+ i believe s

I’m still curious why you so forcefully ruled out UE3? What specific feature of UE4 are you after? Is it Blueprint? (I could definitely see that as a reason to want to upgrade even if you don’t care about the high-end rendering advancements).

Well maybe there will be some crazy person to try write DX9 renderer for UE4, source is there. But i would not expect shiny result

Card that can handle DX10 is minimum