Old West - Western Themed Environment

Hi all!

I´ve been planning to create a western themed UE4 project for a long time. Red Dead Redemption 2 trailers pushed me to start this. My plan is to create a large set of different props and then create modular building system and a simple environment to blend everything together.

My tools for this is again 3ds max for modeling, Zbrush for detail stuff, Substance Designer for most of the texturing, Photoshop for different things like icons/paintings and Unreal Engine for everything else.

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/kimmokaun…rn-desert-town

Video: Western Desert Town - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Latest image:

Pretty big update. More props done and lighting is changed from static to fully dynamic. I also added a landscape with a material that I´ve been iterating for the last 6 months on and off. I also created landscape textures using my existing Substance Designer graphs with few tweaks and boosts. There is also now a dynamic wetness system in materials that I originally made for a game project I´m currently working on called Planetrism. I also added more rocks from my previous projects that right now works as a placeholder that I might use in the final but with better textures.

And with wetness

That looks really cool! Are you going to add a western style town?

@Falthar Yes, that is my goal and I already started to make modular models for buildings Few modular pieces done and some texture from Substance Designer. I also made a building material that allows to change a bunch of different things to help making more variations between buildings.

I already told you on facebook, as usual it rocks! :slight_smile:

That looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it completely done! Are you going to release it on the marketplace? (I know they are severely lacking western themed items there)

@piotr47 Hah, thanks!

@Falthar Thanks! I´m planning to put this into Marketplace when its done because I too noticed that it lacks a lot of western stuff.

Little more work done with modular building models. I also created a blueprint that allows me to change a bunch of different paint colors and stuff like that to speed up things. I also started to work with interior areas too.

I can’t wait!! It looks amazing! I will definitely be picking it up when it is up

More props done. General store props are starting to get together. I still have few models that I need to make and then onto next buildings :slight_smile:

Beautiful. Stellar looking work. I get a nice kick out of westerns and the wild west setting. Still waiting for that perfect steampunk western game to come along. Don’t think that I’d be up for making something like that on my own though. Great work once again.

@Leviathan’s_Deep Thanks! I would really like to make that kind of game if I would have time for that.

More work done for another buildings. Also started to make the interior parts.

Small update again! I´ve been working on with interior parts and making more props and textures.

Someone also asked me how I make carpets so I made a small fast tutorial for that:

Sorry for my lack of updates. I´ve been crunching with this day and night. I created a better system for modular buildings using parent blueprint class that controls exterior wall paint and trim colors, terrace colors, interior wall materials/colors, curtain colors, floor colors and so on. Also local fog and post process volumes and bunch of different triggers to help change things when player is inside or outside. Its actually pretty hard to get both outside and inside working well. I also made A LOT more furniture and building related props.

I re-tweaked the whole lighting system to make it fully support dynamic day and night cycle with distance field effects. There is also now support for rain so materials will get wet depending on the metallic values, non-metallic materials will get darker and roughness values are changing. Water drop layer is added on top of models using world aligned blend with flip book normal texture. All of this is controlled in the environment control blueprint where I can specify what time of day it is, how fast the time will go, how dry the air is so there will be dusty wind and so on… Oh and I also added LPV support and it works as good as LPVs can

Landscape material is also tweaked more. There is now a new function in the sand layer to have windy sand effect. Rock material is using distance fields to blend them better with the ground and also its much more generic approach so its so much faster to make rocks without any extra texture baking needed.

More foliage types created like different type of cactus models, better rules for procedural foliage spawners. I also hand made colliders for every model so its possible to use this environment for something I will try to capture some gameplay and video footage.

I´m calling this done. I have some ideas where to push this more in the future but for now its done. I will capture some video soon. ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/kimmokaun…rn-desert-town Here are some of the shots.

I want to thank anyone who followed my progress with this project. It was an interesting one!

Here is the video showcase, finally: Western Desert Town - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Is there a reason you are not selling this on the Marketplace anymore? I was waiting for the sales to pick it up and was checking to see if you were going to discount it but it seems all your packs have been removed from the marketplace :frowning:

[FONT=Calibri,Helvetica,sans-serif]Hi, [FONT=Calibri,Helvetica,sans-serif]I´m sorry for my late respond. I´ve been away so I decided to hide packages for that time because I was unable to give [FONT=Calibri,Helvetica,sans-serif]a proper support for new buyers during that time. Packages are now online again and I´m working on converting those into the 4.21 version.