Old Unreal Maps

Hello everyone.
I have a map pack for old unreal. Those maps are exported into 3D max 2017 format and it is possible to get them into UnrealEngine from there. I wanted to do this myself, but it requires a lot of learning and I will have to abandon my other projects in different fields.
Still, just wanted to ask community if someone needs those files, perhaps someday we will see a remake of an old classic game that started it all.

That looks great.

Dou you have by any means all maps? I’ve been trying to get the meshes for a long time but couldn’t make the old Ueditor work properly on a Windows 10 machine along with old plugins to get entire meshes as files, i just got a bunch of corrupted 3D files.

Yes, all single player maps. At the bottom is the link (7z archive). The process was complicated and brushes in some files are offset for some reason. I was not able to get them in correct place automatically after export. But this is only in 3-4 maps or so. And only some brushes.
Meshes were not exported, only brushes. I don’t know if it is possible to export meshes.

To view and export textures you can use UTXGaffer. I downloaded Hi-res textures from here:…/URProject.htm
To view original maps you can use UShock.

The height of the player then was like 80-90 units. Now it is 180. So before starting real work you will have to find a way to safely scale the entire map (but check out how much precisely you need to scale them). I found that out after I made a few rooms of Vortex2.
Apart from that it is just welding vertices, joining meshes, putting UVW coordinates and textures and inverting normals for all brushes.

BTW, IMO a good place to make NormalMaps from texture is here: