Old UE4 Kite Demo BP_Deer - Root Motion issue in UE5

The BP_Deer actor from the old UE4 ‘Kite Demo’ uses root-motion to walks and translates as expected.
However, when the same project is opened in UE5 the BP_deer only walks ‘in place’.
Something related to the root-motion in UE5 animation sequences appears to have changed.

Does anyone have any idea how to make the BP_Deer walk (translate) in UE5?

Kite Demo BP_Deer (UE4) ~ Root Motion translation working.
UE4 test project for repro: UE4.26_BP_Deer.zip

Kite Demo BP_Deer (UE5) ~ Root Motion Translation not working.

Hi @3S_Interactive, a fix for this was submitted earlier this week. If you’re building from source, this should be fixed by updating to latest on GitHub. Otherwise, it will be available in the next official release.

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Thanks Fernando.Coello!