Old School Beat them Up Inputs

Hi guys! Just started using the UE4 and trying to create a Old School Beat them up like Double Dragons or Battletoads.

Right now, I am trying to make the character walk up and down (World direction Z) with no sucess.

Created the input UP at project settings, and created a InputAxis UP at character BP and added movement input at Z.
Am I missing something?

First step of debugging: If you add a Print node to your input call, does the message get displayed?

If your input handling is in the Player Controller, your character probably gets spawned with the wrong (or no) controller. To fix this, open your Character Blueprint’s Class Defaults and check whether the correct controller is assigned. You’ll probably also want to change the Auto Possess AI setting with “Placed in World or Spawned”.

If your input handling is in the character blueprint, the most likely reason is that your input is blocked by the Player Controller. To fix this, open your Player Controller Blueprint’s Class Defaults and set Block Input to false:


You might also want to watch a tutorial such as this one: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Your game is going to have a different setup, but the basic explanations about animations and player controls will still apply.

Good luck!

I am using the character BP to implement the inputs!
When i place a print string, it spawn the message all over the place, and I am not even touching the key.
And the block input is on false… =/

A picture of your bpwould be great. Also unless your working with paper2d you do realize up wont just move the character up? Its a 3d world, theres gravity to contend with etc.

If the print string is spamming without the button being presssed you put it in the wrong place so a picture would be great. Ctrl+alt+printscreen with unreal engine 4 open and then paste ctrl+v at imgur

Oh Yeah! Sure!
Here it is!


I am using paper 2D!

Your using your mouse/gamepad x/y aka up/down left/right at -1/1 scale. Is this what you intend or do you want the wasd keys?

Would would be why the prnit string is spamming cause you always have axis input even its 0 or -0

Yes! That´s my intent!

I am using WASD to move the character! Theres no gamepad.