Old School Adventure Game Inventory and Task System for First Person.

I’ve been working on it for the past week, and I am thinking of putting it in the Marketplace if there is enough interest. It is a clearly Old-School Adventure oriented Inventory, although it sure could be used more simply. So far I have Stackable Item, Unstackable Item, Expirable Item, Chests, Outlines around objects and audio&text description with a button press.

I also set up an example action of adding a bulb to a wall lamp to make it work, and I will also make one more for cooking food to eat and get energy, which involves more than 1 objects. Any associated models and assets (energy bars etc) will be included. So what do you think? Is anyone still into old-school adventure game making?

UPDATE: I decided to add a simple Objective System so the player can pull objectives from objects.
UPDATE 2: I began optimization. Making it more user-friendly and using less code where possible.