Old posts are being frequently bumped for no good reason

At least a few times a day in general discussion I see a thread that’s last comment was from 6+ months ago get posted in again. The replies are typically on topic, but not important enough to require a new post. I don’t mind old threads being brought back to life if there was an update that addressed the issue, or if there’s an important on topic question, but most of the time these comments are similar enough to every other comment in the thread.

I’d rather not old threads be locked, but it would be nice to have a window or something ask you if you are sure you want to bump an old thread, just to cut down on this issue.

Yes, I find that type of thing very strange

It does happen a lot, and I do really question where these users come from.

Agree. Threads are routinely getting resurrected as far back as 2014. Why is that?

More Smartphone users using app / readers where the date is less visible perhaps?
Epic took time to add post upvoting / rate this thread type features to the forums etc.
But w/o forum search fields or filters to screen out zombie threads, what’s the use…?

Instead of locking threads though, Epic could add more filter options to the forum search.
However, this is a shaky area that doesn’t seem to get much love or attention from Epic.
Overall, the forums do have useful info, but so many threads are just saturated with crud.

I’ve done my part to lobby for change, but nothing much seems to be happening if at all.
So I for one tend to post less and read less and suspect some others feel the same way.
There’s user drop-off due to services like Slack as well, buts its no great solution either.

I don’t see a problem with it, really, people want to communicate, people find topic, maybe from google and continue conversation.

The problem is a lot of these posts are not adding to the conversation.

Here’s a few examples just going off pages 1-2 of general.

Bumped after 11 months, thread was asking for computer advise, kinda a time sensative topic.

Bumped after 2 months, post isn’t adding anything.

Bumped after 6 months to basically agree with a post

If you all don’t mind, I’ll wait 6 months to write my thoughts on this.

i would keep track.

Six months have passed and I’m a man of my word.

So, here are my thoughts on this … I got nothing.

It still happens quite a lot, and I still believe the most pertinent question is ‘how are people finding these threads?’. The majority of the time the user is replying to a generic thread and adding no meaningful comments. It’s not like they’re searching for solutions to particular problems and finding threads that way.

Understanding where people come from may allow us to come up with a means to mitigate the problem.

What’s weird about it, while sometimes it’s a new user, sometimes it’s also a user with like 100 posts and they just post something random to an old thread.

Well, given that most people get told to search instead of making a new thread… Nobody said anything about not posting in what was found, relevant or not.

I honestly don’t see a big issue with it. A post is a post regardless on whether it is made in one thread or another.

Agreed, I just ignore necroposting and do not reply in such topics. This one is exception.

I see forum as a place where ppl come to learn and share;
If someone necro a topic from 2014 just to say “-hey, thanks!”, I don’t understand why to do that; meanwhile there’s people looking for help on new threads often passing unnoticed. It’s one characteristic from other forums I’d like not to see here, people look for help, post a question and nobody tries to help the poor guy while random topics are brought back…