Old “Play Montage” node vs new 'Montage Play“ and ”Play Anim Montage"

Hey fellas :slight_smile: So… as I’m following many different documentations/guides/etc (also official doc)… I keep coming across the classical node called “Play Montage” which shows one of those Mario Bros pipes as an icon.
However, my version of unreal engine does not have that BP node. it only has “Montage Play” and “Play Anim Montage”. As far as I can tell the difference is that there are different input nodes in each of the three cases, and the “Montage Play” is aimed at an Anim instance while the Play Anim Montage is aimed at character.
Could anyone help me out here and illustrate the real difference between all 3? Thank you :slight_smile:
This is the old one:

And these are the new ones:



Each of them is different functions going through the process to activate/play a specified montage with different options.

  1. Played through the Character.cpp - Can be used to start an animation montage at a specific section.
  2. From the Animation Instance - Start a specific Montage at a specific time.
  3. From the SkeletalMesh component - Is Async which mean that it can only be used in .cpp or event graph

If you make a c++ project you can check out each function and see that they are very similar.

Oh man, thanks for being so thorough. And for your second answer to a question of mine.

1 - That’s cool since it gives you very nice control for a fighting game (which is what I’m making)
2 - Do you mean a specific time “inside” the montage or a specific time “starting from the call”?
3 - I’m having trouble imagining a scenario where you need an Asynch call to an animation. Do you have an example?

You’re answers are pushing me back to my uncomfortable corner which I keep running away from but then keep staring at from a distance.
Being a Developer as occupation, I really feel like dropping blueprints at some point. Then again… I feel like I should at least try to finalize my game as much as I can through BP.
Only once “everything” is there and works, I think I should rebuild it in code. Or am I being wrong?

And I’ve got another question man. So… Anime Montages… we use them for … combos? For single animations? Or… to put all animations in them and then call them using the “Start section name”? :slight_smile:

First Comment.

  1. Nice that Play Anim Montage from the character fits your needs.

  2. I don’t understand the question but what I get is that I was not clear enough:
    In Cpp. It creates a new instance of the Montage and then set the MarkerTickPosition. So If you have a montage which is 10 seconds and you set Start time as 6, then when you create the new montage it already set the animation to start at 6seconds in and then have 4 seconds left to play.

  3. One way is for the AnimationMontage to communicate with the “owner BP”.
    Maybe you want to know if your attack got canceled/interrupted and want to reset some values.
    Bad Example: You have an attack that boosts your attack power, but if you got hit while doing the attack you want to get a penalty and decrease the attack power value instead.

If you feel limited in a way that demotivates you then yes I do think you should change.
My view on Blueprints:
-If you have a big team with Programmers that make tools and “technical designers” use the tools with BP then sure why not
-If you want to prove out an idea/design then it is a fast simple way to get there.
-If you make a simple & small game.

My view on personal development:
-Never quit or run away from what I started.
-If I noticed that it is too big of an idea, make a prototype version of it.
-Never work stupid
-If it works it works

Second Comment.
Montages can be used in a lot of different ways so it is hard to answer your question.
My rule of thumb is to use them as “Events” which do not fit to be driven by the state of the character in the AnimationBlueprint.