Old Persona not registering OpenedAssets in 4.14

I found a bug starting at 4.14, in which FAssetEditorManager::OpenedAssets and OpenedEditors are not properly filled in.
Seems to be because FAssetEditorManager::NotifyAssetOpened() is not called all the times when it should.
I prepared a small sample plugin to repro the bug.

Repro steps:

  1. Unzip PluginTemplate.zip and extract it to Engine/Plugins.
  2. Compile and run the Engine.
  3. UE 4.14 ONLY: Go to “Edit → Editor Preferences → Animation Editor” and uncheck the box “Use Standalone Animation Editors” (this is to force old Persona).
  4. Double-click on a SkeletalMesh asset on the Content Browser to open Persona.
  5. On the Top-Level menu, open “TestMenu” (should be right after “Window”), and click on “Test”.
  6. Check the Output Log.

Result: on 4.13 and below, all assets open for editing in Persona are reported. However, in 4.14 only the is reported (but not the SkeletalMesh or AnimationAssets).

The registering seems to be something that was done in Persona after initialization, when loading the PreviewMesh (before 4.14), but it is not being done anymore (the , however, is registered during InitPersona(), and that still seems to be working the same in 4.14).


Hi Muelas.Aitzol,

If I’m understanding correctly, this only happens when you disable “Use Standalone Animation Editors”?

If that’s the case, then this is a bug which probably won’t get a fix for a couple reasons. There is a clear workaround (Enable Standalone Anim Editors) and, if a fix were to be implemented, it would get fixed in 4.15. However, the option to use Old Persona no longer exists in 4.15, so the bug would never occur there anyways.

Hi, thanks, it’s good to know. I had been thinking how to convince the artists to get used to the new Editors, instead of trying to do things the obsolete way… Now I have a solid argument! :slight_smile:

No Problem. It really is a nice workflow and useful if you want to have an animation AND an AnimBP open at the same time. I guess they’re going to have to get used to it with 4.15. :wink: