Old Industrial site

Hello everyone! Just finished this project. Experimenting with some cinematic stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy! :slight_smile:

Screenshots on Artstation

Looks great! :smiley:

Would love to see some more ‘Kubrick’ like shots on some of the scenes though.
So I could absorb more in the video. (But that’s just my 2 cents.)

Overall a great piece!

It look pretty and stunning, good job on the scene man

Interesting camera work, and the environment looks nice. =)

Thank you very much! Will definitely try to implement that in my next piece :smiley:

Thank you! :o

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Really, really nice! Pro work :smiley:

Thanks Stevelois, appreciate it! :smiley:

Very nice! The camera work really makes it stand out

A bit surprised about the DOF on some grass alphas but the overall thing is really really great, the camera is gorgeous… gg and thanks for sharing :wink:

Thank you macoll. Appreciate the feedback! :smiley: