Old Industrial Park Environment…ndustrial-park


  • The Old Industrial park environment contains all you need to create high quality scenes for top down, 3rd person , FPS Battle Royale games.
  • Contains over 47 distinct meshes(more being added constantly), from expansive industrial age old,abandoned brick factories to rusty storage tanks and dozens of pieces of factory equipment.
  • Create varied environments from post apocalyptic to old european industrial revolution scenes.
  • All models are low poly, optimized and game ready with 4k PBR textures for most assets.
  • This pack will be occasionally updated with new assets and texture

**Version 1.1 **

  • Added 3 Stair Variants
  • Added 3 Modular Pipe Variants

I’ve just submitted my 2nd update,which adds 3 new metal ladders.
I plan to add many more items to the pack in the coming period. If you have any requests please let me know!

3rd update adds a cooling tower! Has been submitted, should be available soon.