Old forums disappeared again!!?

It seems the old forums that were migrated over have disappeared again.

These forums have a huge amount of valuable information, which I frequently need to reference for my current project.

Please could an Epic representative let us know the status of the old forum threads?

The link to the forum is here: UDK Development - Epic Games Forums

However the links are all dead.


maybe when its next online someone could clone the site and upload it somewhere?


This is ghetto dude… :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic hardly ever come down here anymore…

Why not try here instead…

how would one do that?

I have around 99gb free on my site and would be willing to do it.

there are a few softwares for this, never tried it though
this one came up first on google

I wonder if that could also hold UDK installers… Solve 2 problems in one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone please rescue the matt doyles Scrolling lis twith icons post?

ive downloaded inspyder web2disk trial version and have set it download from the root UDK - Epic Games Forums but its not using that as the root and is downloading all the forums.i only get 2 chances with the trial so am unsure if I should start again or let it run and delete the unwanted stuff on the fly.

anyone with experience with this sort of thing?


just checked 1 of the downloaded pages and every fifth word is a blank because it a trial version.

back to square 1.

Good thing someone noticed.Ive been speaking with Stephen Ellis for the past +3 weeks.The thing is that something is hapening with the forum and after a week it goes down.(that way for the last all most 2 months)so its a recent thing.Since the forum is working today,i suspect it will be like that for 1 more week so the more we push,the higher the chance for a permanent fix.

This hapened after my thread about the searh option not working(shown by Frank) so i suspect after they fixed it,that broke something down the line.Maybe if they nuke the old ut2004 and maybe the archived ut3 forum and leave only the udk stuff,things will be more clear.

We should make our custom fòrums, mmh are there some for UDK?

im not getting anywhere with cloning the forums,just waisting a lot of time.

if anyone knows how to do it I will donate the space on my site.

I have uploaded the seven versions of udk I have to my site(see signature)