old empty folders inside project

when i delete a folder or asset from content editor sometimes its still appears in windows folder structure. why is that? there is a clean-up fumction in editor? and why i have 2GB+ backup folder inside project folder structure? i dont want them… so, how can i clean up my project?

Hello ,

I never actually noticed this before but you’re right. While I’m not sure if this is intended behavior, I believe that the folders should be deleted if you delete them via the Content Browser so I’ve placed a bug in for the issue under the number UE-30747.

As for the other problem, the backups can be disabled via the Editor Settings. Please navigate to Edit > Editor Settings > Loading and Saving and then disable the Autosave functionality. Please be aware that this will make it impossible to restore a corrupted project however and is fairly risky. If you don’t want to disable it entirely but reduce the size it takes, you could increase the interval of the saves and decrease the amount of saves that are stored and this should help.

glad i did help :smiley: hope you can solve it soon. its annoying to checking and deleting manually again.