Old Brazilian Kitchen

Hello guys!

Here is the download link for the sample of my latest work!
I hope you like it!



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That’s awesome looking.


This is really cool. It’s not a modern scene!
And it looks great!

Awesome project as always. GJ mate!

Wow. this is really well done! Congrats!

Superb job :smiley:

And the music fit’s like a glove too :slight_smile:

wow! well done!

The only two things I noticed that was a bit off was the floor and the red desk. It seems a bit too reflective for a floor made of that type of stone and maybe it’s just the camera, but the red texture used for the desk there seemed a bit low res compared to the rest. May want to increase the roughness a bit more on that floor texture at least.

This is a common problem. There are a million stones with a million different roughness. My main refference was a little polished stone. This is for the wood on the cabinets too.
I don’t know where is a red desk on the scene, but there is a big concrete stove… which is red. The texture resolution is about 6000x6000 px