Olbert's Low Poly: Desert

Hello There!

We are happy to open this thread to inform you about the recent release of our second content pack, Olbert’s Low Poly: Desert, a complete assets pack that suit all the needs of the level designer at the moment of create new scenes with a lowpoly style in mind, our last pack include assets of all the types, from desert rocks to cactus of all the sizes, animal bones and varied desert foliage, now images.



As you can see, the assets offer a good look and final enviroment polish, a video can ilustrate the content pack.

The pack include 4 master materials, all color-based, except the foliage material, that use handpainted textures for a better look, these textures sizes are all 2048x2048. all the meshes are ready-to-use and set up with the proper material instances and per-poly collisions.

Olbert’s Low Poly: Desert is the second of four packs that aim to cover the nature lowpoly enviroments design, the first one is Olbert’s low Poly: Forest, the last two are Taiga and Coast. both packs are right now submited and waiting for the release.

If you are interested in our product you can see detailed info about Olbert’s Low Poly: Desert MarketPlace Page, if you like this, leave your comment in the marketplace and if you buy it dont forget to rate, is helpful for us!, if you have doubts or recommends send us a E-Mail to, we will respond all with pleasure. For finish this thread, sorry for the misspellings, we are not english-speakers, thanks for take the time to read this .

Whitman And Olbert.

No need for me but it looks fun and well made, gg :wink: