OK to take variables into AnimBP from CharacterBP via casting?

Event graph of the Animation Blueprint is supposed to be the place to calculate the variables used in Anim Graph. But let’s say I want to setup some specific values in character’s bp, then I want to use these values for further calculations, some of them in character’s bp, some of them in AnimBP.

What I would like to know, if it’s considered completely alright and safe workflow to get access to those variables in character bp from the anim bp via casting. Some of those variables would be defaults setup in the character bp, some of them would be calculated in the character bp.

So far it seems to work ok, but a confirmation would make me sleep better :slight_smile:


I’ve had no problem with a system like for a few months now and I have both the player and the player weapon Anim BPs casting to and getting variables from the player’s BP.

Thanks for the input.

This is the setup I am using for my character animations as well. It seems like the best solution to me.