Offset when masking UMG material with Custom Depth/Stencil?

Hello. I would prefer if UI elements didn’t obscure certain actors within a scene, so I’m currently trying to mask out the UMG when widgets overlap specified objects during play.

I’ve programmed UI materials that utilize SceneTexture nodes to create transparencies based off SceneDepth and CustomDepth/Stencil settings, but I’m running into a problem where the resulting mask is not showing up exactly over the intended objects.

In a larger window, there is a minor offset around the masked objects, and this offset is much more pronounced when testing in a smaller window.

(mask slightly offset on pink UMG widget during play within a larger window)

(mask heavily offset on pink UMG widget during play within a smaller window)

Is there some UMG, resolution/scaling, viewport/camera, etc. setting I’ve missed somewhere that’s causing this discrepancy between the Custom Depth/Stencil buffers and how the UI is rendered within different window sizes?

Any advice on hiding UMG widgets over specific objects would also be appreciated if this is a completely wrong approach. I am new to UE4 and still learning my way around the software. Thank you!

This seems to be an editor/viewport issue that goes away when the project is cooked and packaged.

Hey, not really a solution here, but would you mind elaborating on how you got the stencil pass to work in UI ? Whenever I set my material domain to user interface the stencil always returns full white.

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This feature is completely broken in UE5, even packaged does not work.
It is still in almost the same state in 5.1.
Is it not recognized as a defect?

I developed a plugin named “SceneTextureForUMG” to solve the problem completely.

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