offset physic contraint limits

hi guys,

In order to create a drawer type object that is physically simulated in a VR environment I’m struggling with physic constraints limit to define the range of motion of my object.

the issue is that limits are symmetrics, that means the physic object is always at the middle of it range of motion. for example if I set the limit value to lets say 50, the object is allowed to move 50 units forward and 50 units backward.

as a workaround, I’ve tried to move back the object to one of the limit, but it only works if it’s done at begin play, wich is not convinient because when placing stuff in the editor I have to guess the middle point of the range of motion. plus if the object contains other physical object (like a drawer would contain items), it starts to be messy.

I’ve took a look at this node called “set constraint reference position” but due to the lack of documentation I have been able to make it work.

in this video this guy have been able to make a very nice system that seems to work the way I want, but there is no explanation with it :frowning:

It really starts to drive me crazy.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope

thanks guys