Offset/edit eye rotation in Live Link capture?

How can I nudge the eyes’ rotation a bit on a Live Link capture after it’s recorded (i.e. have them look up a bit more)? I’ve found how to edit the face morph curves, but that doesn’t apply to eye (or head) rotation.

Facial Control Rig?

How does one access that?

Set up a Level Sequence. Add your character. Turn off Face control rig. Add face animation.
Then add Face Control Rig and set it to be Relative.
You should be able to animate on top of the captured facial animation.
Once done bake out the facial animation.

Where is there a face control rig option? All I see is the FK control rig (backing/editing with).

Evidently, the face rig is still unavailable directly for FK. And unlike the body control rig, which you can set to be additive, Unreal currently ignores the Additive settings on the Face control rig.

So you can right click on the Face track (that you have added facial animation track to) and slect Bake to Control RIg (which gives you the option of selecting the Face Control Rig)

THat wil lrepalce your aniamtion track with the Face Control Rig doignthe same motion. You can then go in and edit the control values or use the rig. In your exampel you delete large numbers of eye keys and simply move them more.

You might check out since he covers a lot of facial animation but most of it’s building animation tools