Offscreen Physics simulation

Hi everybody,

I’m just starting with Unreal Engine. I’m developing a turn based game where the AI has to do an “offscreen” physics simulation to apply some heuristics and choose the best movement, think of it as a kind of pool game where the player and the AI shoot at the same time and the AI chooses the best play based on some heuristics. I’ve previous experience in other engines like Box2D where you could make a copy of the world and simulate a bunch of random movements in a short period of time increasing the world step without updating any actor.

So my question as an Unreal newbie is, what’s the best approach to do this in Unreal Engine? Should I go the C++ way using Physx native API and simulate all the plays as I explained aove or is there any other more “Unreal Standar” way using Blueprints? I think it’s quite a common thing to do in a game so I’m surprised that there’s no standard way to do it in Unreal using Blueprints or at least I haven’t found any information about it so and pointers to docs or tutorials are highly appreciated.