Offroad game sample Unreal 4.2.0


I am new to Unreal Development and would like to start level design with premade assets. I have discovered that Unreal Engine version 4.2.0 included an offroad game sample with desert environment assets. I thought to download the old version but it appears to no longer be available and Unreal 4.2.1 didn’t include the assets. They are not available in the marketplace either. I even tried to download a torrent which claimed to have the file, but was rewarded with an attempt to download a virus onto my computer. Please could someone suggest a way to get the package I’m after? It will really help me with my efforts to learn Unreal 4 development.


the “vehicle game” can be found in the “learn” tab of the launcher, I just checked and the 4.2.0 version of that sample is there.

also there are no official torrents for the sample games so I wouldn’t advise you download any UE4 stuff from a torrent.

hope that helps:)


hey ,

I totally didn’t think to look there. Don’t I feel foolish. Thanks alot.