Offroad 4x4 Game Store and Packaging

Hi there,
We have just finished an epic 2.5 year build of an open world, sandbox style 4x4 game with lots of features.

We have gained 10k followers in the first 2 months since setting up Instagram. Many people on there having a total meltdown because we are still not live. And quite frankly so am I.

One post in an Island called Java in Indonesia has had over 2mil views… We need to make sure it floats perfectly first time.

So we are looking for someone experienced in Packaging for iOS and Android and Store Launch Skills. Its already working great, but these last steps are important for us to get perfect.

Currently there are no (major) issues with the development, however we will be looking to improve performance and other refinements. This is not a sizable job in itself, but will be looking for a senior role to start a long term relationship with our team for ongoing contract work.

I look forward to hearing from you

Tim Kirkhope