Offline Game to Online Game

Hi, I have made all my game on bp, and when I run it with deticate serve and open 2 clients, I cant make any function, the other client dont see any animation, just walk and jump. The items that I craft just show for me.
I cant do almost nothing on multiplayer.
Have anything that I can do ? Any tutorial ?

This should get you started:

But all my project is on BP.

Sorry. I thought that would have went over some BP replication too.

Now I can see the animations, and stuff if was Serve>Client, but cant see if was Client>Server.
Is like the Client dont is sending the command to Server.

it is quite easy to convert a multiplayer game into a single player one, but usually very hard to convert from single player to multiplayer. i would suggest to redo it from scratch with multiplayer in mind. less bugs will result.

that said, for starters, please look at this playlist many times, if needed, to grasp the basics of networked logic:

hope it helps.