Offline Documentation?

I would really like to see a downloadable version of the Documentation page. Some of us can’t be connected all the time. This would be great if possible. Or at the very least can we be able to HHTRACK the page?

This is something we have considered in the past but the demand has never seemed all that great. If there is a lot of demand in the community, it is certainly something we could look into.

Is this something you guys out there want? :slight_smile:

I would. +1 from me.

Yes absolutely.

Having offline doc, would be great. Ideally, offline doc with notification of changes which can be updated online.

If you’re ‘offline’ how do you expect to get notifications? :wink:

I don’t know how he would get notification offline. But as an expample, if you HHTrack the page and you want to update it later you just update and it only adds new or changed stuff. But back to the matter at hand. My Internet was considerd fast in 1999. So Offline documentation would be awsome. And for anyone who is thinking ‘But I have fast internet! who needs that.’ I say would it not be nice to use it offline so it is faster and right there if you need it. What if the internet goes out? Which happend when I tried to respond last night. :frowning: So I hope more people ask for it, it would really help some of us out. :slight_smile:

P.S. I use the Linux version. Just sayin.

my internet is super slow and often goes down for a few days or a week, and i live in a decent size city in europe so imagine how bad it can be in a remote village somewhere obscure.

Yeah, same here. I live in LA so it is not were I live. Just monatery problems and bad service sometimes. I hope more people request Offline Doc.

I have a sad feeling this thread might be dead. I hope you guys consider giving us a HTML or PDF download of the documentation. would be really nice. Well I am going to go play Space Quest 4, Hope something happens on this matter.

Hi there,

We have Documentation offline with notification update :

Old thread here

Thanks. I’ll check that out. Strange that I never saw that earlier. Well, better late than never. Thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

+1 here. I need offline doc too

Need offline doc too plz (internet sucks)

Offline through the launcher. Make it a separate tab with an ‘update’ button just like the other projects. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in support of this as well. =)

Well I did find a way to get it offline! Download HHtrack. Then put the link into the downloader and… BOOM! It will download. It will take a while. It is 7gb I think. Also for people who want to download the Video tutorials from Epic.” Remove the quotes please. :slight_smile:
But then again it would be nice if the documentation from the launcher.

P.S. Linux needs a launcher!

yes please

i want it, please

I already have it :cool:

WinHTTrack Website copier is your friend :smiley:

I can even make differential updates …

PS: just saw that “94” also knows the way… :slight_smile: