Offline datasmith usage


Often I will want to work on my projects when I am somewhere without internet access, but sadly it is not possible to launch the Datasmith utility without signing in to my Epic Games account. It would be nice if the entitlement is checked automatically when you are online and it will grant access for 10 days or so. You are likely to connect to the internet again within those 10 days.


It’s already working that way, or intended to be like that. are you able to reproduce the problem? The cached grace period is 30 days I think

If I try to import a Datasmith file it will start checking the Unreal Studio entitlement. If I am not connected to the internet it will always hang at the attached screenshot even though I signed in a day before.

Ok. For our information, when you say you signed in a day before, did you imported data with Datasmith or you simply logged in with the Epic Games launcher?

The grace period is 30 days, so not sure why this is happening. [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] might be able to investigate this.

Hi Sonic.

As pf_breton mentioned, please try the following:

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. Log into the Launcher (online) and load the Unreal Editor
  3. Perform a Datasmith import
  4. Exit the Editor and the launcher
  5. Disconnect from the internet
  6. Log into the Launcher (offline) and load the Unreal Editor
  7. Attempt a Datasmith import.

Let us know your results. Thanks

So I followed all the above steps: signed in through the Epic Games launcher online, imported datasmith and after that skipped the sign in and tried importing offline, but the same “Waiting for you to sign in” screen pops up again.

Thanks for the help so far.

Thank you for confirming. It sounds as though it may not be working as expected, and we will need to look into this further.

Unfortunately we do not have a workaround solution at this time, aside from performing your imports while online.


Thanks for the info Stephen, I will be sure to import my models while online for now :slight_smile:

Same for me. Past weekend at a lost town in Castilla, Spain, I cannot began session with UnrealStudio but UnrealEngine did work. Then, using my mobile wifi bridge I could. I don’t remember when I began a UnrealStudio session with this portable computer, may be more than 30 day grace period.