Official Youtube Channel (Radial Impact)

What?, what’s that now?

Why has the Official Unreal Engine youtube channel, suddenly released 9 videos of that game?

Nothing against the game or the Dev, not my thing, but sure loads loved it, but why is it on your channel?

If there is something useful and interesting, not covered by your tutorials, then sure that’s great but maybe you should have put a small text paragraph in the description stating such…

This kind of thing.

I’m not greatly bothered either way, but I was under the impression the Official channel, was for Epic Developers, and Twitch streams and all things Official, about you guys and the Engine.

I wouldn’t want you to dilute that with somewhat low key (released last year, and forum post only had 2 replies) game, and any other things you are thinking of putting up there…unless you were sure it was relevant and the **93,527 subscribers **would appreciate the 9 separate videos taking up their timeline.

(lol this sounds like some entitled rant, it’s not. just text problems. Just after some clarification, and sad that all those videos are not from you)

Epic likes to feature content from, and involve the community. I don’t really see that changing to be honest. They have been doing it with the blog on the main website as well.

Hey everyone! From time to time, we work with members of our great community of developers here to put together resources for everyone to benefit from :cool:

The Radial Impact project was originally submitted to the Marketplace, but Devin and our team discussed the possibilities of extrapolating some excellent learning content from some of the great features in the project. Devin’s been awesome enough to make the project available to everyone and record tons of video tutorials surrounding Radial Impact. Now, you can download the project from the Learn Tab under Community Contributions and learn about AI, mouse interaction, and other concepts.

Hope that clears it up! Let me know if you have any other questions


Thanks for the update, Chance,

It was a bit jarring to me, only subbed for a few months, and not seen that before you see.

I would have thought things like that would be in a “playlist” or “channel” or even a second account, “Unreal Engine Recommends” for example, just to keep the Main channel clear and free for important Engine or Epic staff related content.
(but far be it from me to give recommendations on what others do with their youtube channel content, I think mine only has a clip from an old 80’s cartoon, uploaded 5 years ago, actually surprisingly relevant as it’s about games, animation and computers)

But meh, if you have been doing it for ever, and it’s just me that noted it, then I’ll just mute UE from my timeline, and remember to check it every so often for anything of interest that way instead. :slight_smile:

My intent was not to scare you away :slight_smile:

Anything we post ourselves to the channel, we feel, is of a significant value for our community of developers that will be rolled into official learning resources as well (like Radial Impact), similar to a release of a video series with supporting documentation that we do in house. There are tons of other amazing community tutorials that do not have all of the other supporting features, and we typically add those to the Community Tutorials playlist. It’s only something we do from time to time, so don’t be afraid of getting spammed :slight_smile:

I hope you consider my first suggestion though, just a little “forward” in the video description.

If you look at the first video comments, there are 12 upvotes for someone explaining that this is NOT some imaginary Engine Feature :wink: just saying

Anyway taken up enough of your time now, so as payment you can have a good laugh by watching Dan becomes a man or me redeemer a stalking raptor for ghits&siggles , there spammed you now too =p

New stuff on YouTube is really apreciated ! thank Epic and thank you to Dev.

Lol thanks for that! And you’re not taking up my time – it’s what I’m here for :cool:

Take care!