Official support for Amazon Fire TV

It looks like Amazon Fire TV box is a bit more powerful than Apple TV, so perhaps UE4 should run smoother there :slight_smile:

Is there a chance to add official support (or get Amazon to make sure their SDK works as a plugin for UE4 ? ) for Amazon Fire TV to UE4 ?


I thought unreal engine supported FireTV?

Well, technically it should since is Android based OS. However there is no evidence anyone made any games for Fire TV using UE4. On top of that Fire TV has all that ecosystem with its own OSS (achievements, friends, etc).

Fire TV is a large market and if UE4 can run there, it’s definitely something to capitalize on.

I just googled this - and from the looks of it Unreal Engine SHOULD support Fire TV as of 4.10 as they added controller support for it.

Not sure if they have a dedicated binary output for FireOS.

I have engine opened right now and no, they don’t have FireOS option for deployment. Although maybe I simply did not install it.

UPDATE: no, there is no such platform in the launcher. There is also no Apple TV, yet I recall seeing it on the roadmap marked as DONE.

Hmm… 2Gb of RAM: Fire TV Device Specifications: Overview | Amazon Fire TV and GLES 3.0

If UE4 runs on Apple TV, then it should run fine on Fire TV.

Yeah I recall the same thing.

It might not be a specific deployment platform, maybe it just requires a plugin.

Maybe. But I don’t see any plugins for Amazon Fire TV :confused:

UE 4.14 has support for Amazon Fire. GameCircle is supported for achievements and leaderboards, along with in-app purchases.

Ahh, so awesome! Thanks!