Official Gajatix Asset Store Now Open!

As off today our own Asset Store is Live.

To celebrate the opening we’re giving out 40% Discount Vouchers that are valid until 28 September 2015!

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Visit the store :

Cool :smiley:

If I can suggest something…

It would be a good idea show what is imho the minimum information about the assets. That mean how many meshes, materials, FX etc are include. Which file format is available. Does the meshes have proper UV’s, LOD, collision set, etc.

This is something that is lacking atm. A description with only a brief explanation and price isn’t enough for buying anything imho.

Good luck and I hope it help :slight_smile:

If you click on the items, you actually get all of the information you’ve just request. Make sure to look at the “Item Description” on the product page rather than the brief descriptions on the category lists.

I was interested in the sci fi modular pack, but for 100 bucks the info is lacking. I clicked on the item and there’s no additional information at all. how many assets, what kind of assets and only two small screenshots.
PS, took another gander at the page to be sure I wasn’t missing anything and noticed “coming soon” in the description.

Please make sure you will show more then just two small screenshots and have a few high res shots of all the pieces laid out, like what you expect to see on the UE4 Marketplace. Right now personally I’m a bit turned off by the overall design of the site and I don’t like seeing something on it that I cannot buy and have no idea when it will be available. I certainly am not going to visit the site everyday in the hopes it’ll be released, not knowing when, so I would kindly suggest you either put an ETA or just put up the content when it’s done. (I prefer the latter, having an incredibly busy schedule, which I’m sure the majority of developers have as well, I tend to either forget or just cannot be bothered with remembering something that doesn’t have much priority i nthe grand scheme of things.

From what I could see in the screenshots I wasn’t that impressed when I compare it to the other scifi packs on the market place while looking at the price tag. I am certainly not trying to bash what you guys are doing, in fact I praise you for it. But heed some caution please and do take into account the other options I just mentioned and make sure whatever you guys are offering can compete and is reasonably priced.

Other then that I hope you guys will grow over time and be successful, I surely wish you well and I have bookmarked the site and will return in time to take a peek :wink:
Good Luck and all the best !!!

EDIT: Took a look at some of the other assets and was greeted with a lot more screenshots and info. Basing off of that I would HIGHLY suggest to increase the size of the images, people would want to see the detail of these products and in this day and age there’s no real reason why you wouldn’t have a high res images of your products.

The assets you have a of really low quality, also why would anyone use your site vs unreal engine marketplace?

Well its a young store with assets that are ok. I think they will grew bigger.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@Joure That Sci_Fi pack should be ready within a few weeks however it wasn’t supposed to be visible in the store yet so thanks for pointing that out. Once that pack is finished it will consist of 4 different corridor sets (each with 5 different models; straight, ramp, turn, T junction, Cross) and 10 different rooms both large and small. In total 30 different models that slot together nicely to create a space base!

As for the image size, it is being caused by a bug in the system but should have it fixed soon, the actual uploaded pictures are infact 1920*1080.

@frostyshield The store is not there to compete with the Unreal Engine Marketplace. We try to offer good quality models at a low price without undercutting the market so that indie developers can have easy access to assets without ending up broke.

The store in general has only just opened and we are still uploading lots of new assets every day while ironing out some last minor bugs.

I would be interested in house models which can be entered.

We are in the process of updating all our Medieval House Models to have interiours and should be done within the week.

We are also currently undergoing store maintenance, which will reduce the Site load time and fix the issue of having the small preview images. :slight_smile:

wht the hell ,its down ??

Store is under Maintenance as we are sorting out various issues. The maintenance Page would normally display but currently we are messing around with the server. The site will be back online tomorrow :slight_smile: