Official C# Support?

Can we please get some C# support in a upcoming UE4 update?


Do you understand how far reaching and big of a thing you’re asking for? I’d rather have the devs spend their time working on something more productive.


Bad idea! Epic should just keep expanding Blueprints instead. Why?
Don’t take my word for it, this billionaire knows a thing or two though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be welcome *

  • Once ALL base C++ bugs are fixed

Woaw well I didn’t think it was a complex thing I poorly worded it but I ment any future engine release but based of good ol Tims post from the linked page… it don’t look like its coming if or at all.

Which is a bummer… but this is the engine I ended up learning and mastering over Unity and CryEngine

Darn I guess this wont be happening.

No to be honest I didn’t but based of what im seeing its not going to happen but eh that’s fine.

Epic have tons of programmers and pretty much none of them use C#;
So a game made by Epic with CSharp isn’t happening, can’t ask them to support it in this case.

Interesting… I’d never seen that post from Tim before.

Anyways, yeah I’ve got to agree that this is probably never going to happen. As someone whose been on and off with this engine since 2014 because of the C#/C++ difference in Unity and Unreal I can tell you that C++ is way less of an issue than you may think. I only just started committing to learning UE4 C++ recently (with the help of this awesome Udemy course and a C++ college class I took). Once you wrap your head around some of the weird quirks of the engine I think C++ in UE4 is almost like working in a higher level language like C# (UE4 C++ is garbage collected for example).

I hope they don’t. It has enough problems with just supporting c++.

Im with you on that with the whole leaving UE4 and going to work on a Engine with C# I never gave up on it entirely just I would go back and forth with Unity and CryEngine but its just too late for a switch im very comfy with UE4 I just wish it had some C# support which is why Unity and CryEngine were so appealing.

Its a fine engine really I couldn’t keep either Unity or CryEngine because this engine just feels right despite the lack of C#.

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Really hope epic and Tim Sweeney can change their mind for users from Unity3D!

Same, i also have some Unity knowhow and thats also a reason why Unity3D was a bit more appealing, but when UE4 became free
i got into it and was hooked but not happy it lacked C#.

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Lul. what about the other way round. Like what about Unreal Users coming to Unity? I DEMAND C++ IN UNITY.
See how stupid it is to demand something like this?

Unity is built on C++, you can use C++ there just fine, it’s just not supported/documented/wanted.

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The only way to use C++ in Unity is by creating native plugins and therefore inconvenient (you need to use the plugin system in C# to communicate with your plugin library, you have to build your library for all the target platforms by yourself, etc.)

Having said that I know for sure that Amplitude Studio made the Endless franchise almost entirely in C++ using that feature.

I wanted this when I started but I’ve gotten used to C++ combined with blueprints. I prefer this now. There was an unofficial project by someone at MS but I don’t know the state of that.

It will be stupid if you demand c++ in unity for gameplay logic code.
For Unity users, Epic provides this document Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers | Unreal Engine Documentation, this indicates that Epic wants to attract Unity users.
The C++ in UE4 is coping delegate, event, property, attribute, module, GC and other features from C#, and the components concepts like Unity is doing. But most of these features are implemented using C++ macro and other hacks, it is hard for the C++ IDE to give a good intellisense for autocomplete and real-time syntax checking even the Visual Assist X is installed. Various compiling errors often happen in live streams and some tutorials on udemy. And the C++ style and API in UE4 is ugly like the 1990s e.g. still using Hungarian notation.
Since Epic is comping features from C# and provides a guide for Unity users, why not do a more thorough?!

With C++ and UE4 even in the past i herd that its half baked and not as well done this is also why in the past i didnt even bother to even try C++ on UE4 so i stuck with
the Blueprints to get things done.

Adding another programming language to the Engine is a positive but if the C++ on the engine the way it is isnt even that good well C# is out of the question and is almost
a impossibility.

Im not the biggest fan of this engine at all its a Ok engine Yeah there is a special unofficial C# supported
UE4 thats pretty much modded but its unofficial and it does not get as updated fast enough or even at all theres even a F# version.

Blueprints are fine but i dont know i tend to prefer to code in various cases, this also takes me back to when i made my own Hobby games in Blender with scripting in Python and Logic Bricking
back years ago.

Proper C# integration would really help get a larger user base who may want to transition to Unreal if they could migrate their C# codebase. I assume this to be the case both with current Unity game developers and in other industries (eg Enterprise). Architecture field is used to a lot of tools being written in C# (eg Dynamo for Revit and Grasshopper for Rhino) therefore being able to re-use is critical cross software application - as you’d only need to build core functionality in C# to be able to port it into various design tools.

There is currently an active github repo implementing a C# integration. It requires a little setup but gets you there. Would be great to have some Epic dev support with this:

Just an update on USharp - it’s really coming along nicely - It’s great to be able to use our C# libraries (as well as other ones) within UE4. There are still a few rough edges however it’s got blueprint integration support which is great. Compile times are WAY faster than C++ and it’s speeding up our development times!